The Source of Insightful Mapping

Key features and benefits for hauliers

  • Free access to the site via a link from the Local Authority website
  • Maps designed and customised for freight only: the service is based on a UK wide map that is continuously customised with local and relevant information.  We don’t just show where the loading/unloading bays are, we detail all the times HGVs can and cannot park there
  • Multi-drop routing functionality: if an HGV has several drops to make in one journey, Freight Gateway’s integral routing and scheduling tool will automatically issue routing instructions for each stage of the journey, using the right roads for the type and size of vehicle
  • Superior mapping zoom functionality: hauliers can zoom in from a national UK wide route planning map right down to building outlines and street detail, all on the same site
  • Multi language capability: enabling foreign drivers to plan their route before entering the UK
  • Tailored postcode to postcode route planning: if vehicle dimensions are submitted at the start of the process, the software will automatically create the best route for the size and weight of the vehicle, and ensure full compliance with the Local Authority’s environment and weight restrictions.
  • Multiple vehicle type routing options also provide faster navigation by matching suitable roads and vehicle types
  • Real time upgrades: available without interruption to service