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How it helps Local Authorities

full colour.jpgWith Freight Gateway, Local Authorities can provide the freight industry and local businesses with all the road and routing information they need to create a smooth flow of traffic through their areas.

It can help councils to maximise the economic benefits of freight movement to the area while minimising the negative impacts.

  • Cut down the use of rat runs
  • Reduce the number of accidents, injuries and cases of ill-health associated with freight movement
  • Ease congestion by developing a more sustainable distribution of freight traffic on your roads
  • Reduce emissions pollution at traffic hot spots
  • Give hauliers and local businesses the loading/unloading information they need to speed up delivery times and reduce congestion
  • Reduce noise and disturbance from freight movements for local residents
  • Bring down transport costs for freight forwarders by providing more efficient routing, reducing fuel consumption and driver time and lowering  emissions
  • Cut height/weight/width restriction incidents, where lorries have got stuck or overturned, sometimes killing or seriously injuring local people