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Freight Data

If it is either 2012 Games Data, London or National Freight Data you need to overlay on your maps, integrate into your systems and tools, PIE is the expert quality partner.  PIE have collected the most comprehensive Freight Data Respository in the country.   This is in partnership with TfL, OS and Local Authorities. 

Not only have we aggregated all the data, so it is easy to work with as one file representing all Local Authority data.  But for routing data we have linked all the appropriate data to Navteq maps already.

For freight routing and software manufacturers, this development represents a unique opportunity to improve both the usefulness and relevance of your product offering to Freight Operators.  

Freight Respository Data Available:

  • Controlled Parking Zones, Council Parking Rules & Restriction (Suspension, Dispensation & Observation times), Freight Consolidation Centres, HAZMAT, Height Restriction, Lay bys, Length Restriction, Load / Unloading Bays, Lorry Parks, Main Construction Sites, No left / No Right Turns, One way streets, Pay & Display Machines, Public Lavatories, Public Weighbridges, Resident Parking Zones, Rest Areas, Shared use bays, Sharp bends, Speed camera, Steep Gradients, Strategic Route Networks, Weight Restriction Areas, Weight Restrictions, Width Restriction, Yellow Line-Single & Double.

Manage better Dynamic Disruption Data(updated every 5 minutes):

Re-route and/or re-calculate journey times based on delays caused by; traffic, works, events and hazards. All minimal, moderate and severe restrictions processed to calculate new journey times and offer alternative routing or accurate ETA.

Events and 2012 Games data:

All event based restrictions and data associated with mass events are available within PIE Data Exchange and updated accordingly. They can be available to be copied into our own mapping tools and services, integrated into routing processes or alternatively take a generated route directly.

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