The Source of Insightful Mapping


Updated good quality aggregated data that can be easily integrated into Navteq mapping applications is an integrators dream to ensure your customers benefit from the rich functionality offer by your navigation capability. Better routing decision based on the use of better data will give your customers the advantage they want and need. 

Flexible licensing model available to reward the integrator and generate ongoing revenues from end users.

The PIE Data Exchange can deliver either the data or route specific data you need in most formats and connection types. High quality data or routes are available now for any Commercial Vehicle/s. Data incorporates OS data, data directly from TfL, all of the London Council London Lorry Control Scheme data, Olympics 2012 road restriction data and data directly from Local Authorities. Our data ranges from all the:

·         Height and weight restrictions

·         Weight restrictions points and areas

·         Parking/Loading &Unloading bays

·         All the local; suspensions, dispensation, observation times,Yellow Line stopping optionsParking in Residents parking area options with timings etc.  

For more dynamic data and if your service can handle changes on the road network we offer the either the data linked to Navteq or the option to use our routing tool to generate a route dynamically based on the disruption and temporary restrictions data.

All the data and functionality within the TfL Freight Journey Planner is managed by PIE and fully available for other applications and services from the PIE Data Exchange.