The Source of Insightful Mapping

PIE Data Exchange

As freight operating and fuel costs rise it is increasingly important for operators to be able to find and maintain a competitive edge, without simply hiking prices.

This can be achieved through the availability of quality freight journey information in the routing/mapping services that operators use. To overcome limitations in data collection and to maintain a high level of functional data, PIE have built a product called PIE Data Exchange.


The PIE Data Exchange centres on a national database of essential freight data for operators. Known as the ‘Freight Repository’, it is a collection of many data sources inclusive of Ordnance Survey (OS), Local Authority, Transport Authority and Transport For London (TfL) data.

PIE Data Exchange adds to the current data by setting up live links with road owners -including daily updates and temporary changes due to events and scheduled works (Temporary TMO’s).


Giving you the competitive edge to stay ahead as well as simply
adding to your bottom line by simply being better at what you do
day to day.
At PIE we recognise that different businesses have very different
needs and therefore as well as our pre-determined data sets already
available, you can choose to have data, routes and or maps integrated
into your:


Access to all our data, routing engine including event and disruption data. PIE is updating disruption data every 5 minutes and will convert this into routing which will either re-route or adjust the actual ETAs. Access to all this data and routing capability is as simple as setting up a web services feed between our system and your request. This provides instantaneous access and immediate output into your quotation tool,
estimate or operational systems.