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London Borough of Hackney Freight Gateway

London Borough of Hackney Freight Gateway

Hackney’s main aim was to stop freight operators from rat running and using residential streets when travelling through the borough or making deliveries within the borough.

The Transport Planning team at the Council needed a map which highlighted appropriate routes and restricted areas, together with important freight related features, to ensure freight operators were made aware of areas to avoid.

Kate Blucher, Senior Transport Planner at London Borough of Hackney explains:

“The evaluation process undertaken during the tender period showed a clear representation that PIE were able to provide the services and expertise required for developing and continuing to maintain the map. They were marked against various criteria and as a result came out as the preferred company due to their previous experience, technical capabilities, product specifications, maintenance support and cost.

“PIE has provided high levels of technical support to Hackney to develop the map to its current level. Their technical advice and expertise in developing mapping solutions has been a considerable help due to the complex technical elements involved. Recommendations and the ways to achieve those have always been provided by PIE to progress the map to higher levels.

“All comments on the map provided by Hackney have been taken into account and amended accordingly by PIE in a prompt and timely manner. PIE's consistency with providing support has remained exactly the same throughout the lifecycle of the project. It is clear that future support will continue to be provided since discussions have been held recently regarding future features to include on the map.

“Working with PIE over the last 3 years to develop Hackney's Online Freight Map has been a great experience. We could not ask for anymore dedication from PIE as the time and commitment they have spent to get the map up to the current level far exceeds expectations. We are looking forward to working with PIE in the future to progress the map t more advanced levels.

“I would most definitely recommend PIE to other boroughs and businesses who are looking at starting or progressing a particular map within their area.

“PIE's knowledge and expertise regarding all types of mapping systems would be a useful addition for all companies and councils who are looking at producing an individual or set of maps either online or in hardcopy. PIE deserve to be praised for their hard work and as a result making other boroughs aware of this will be the key element to rolling out this online mapping system across London.

“We are looking forward to working with PIE in the future to progress the map to more advanced levels.”

Kate Blucher, Senior Transport Planner
London Borough of Hackney

Click here to visit the Hackney online freight map

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