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About Us

PIE is a specialist mapping data consultancy, supplying industry-leading mapping solutions for local authorities, freight operators and entertainment venues.  We also provide up-to-the-minute mapping datasets and  downloads for freight routing and software manufacturers.

We collect and process on-street parking and transport related data from over 470 unitary and local authorities across the UK. This includes both dynamic data and local authority paper-based TMO/TROs (Traffic Management/Regulation Orders).

Some of our solutions are off-the-shelf (eg. the London Lorry Control RouteApprover, where freight operators pay a fixed annual fee to access an online routing and instant Council approvals service). Some are highly bespoke (eg. the online mapping, data collection and surveying service that we provided for Direct Gov’s Blue Badge Map website).

Current clients include Yell, Lords Cricket Ground, Earls Court, Olympia, the London Borough of Hackney, Wiltshire County Council, Hampshire County Council, Barking & Dagenham Council and Camden/Islington Councils.  

As well as offering full language translation capabilities, our interactive mapping solutions have always led the market in accessibility and text readability.